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Thankful; humbled; hap-hap-happy – the feels our crew + cherished supporters were wholeheartedly feeling on November 30th at the #2018KohltechPeakAwards! We picked up an award for Most Outstanding New Home 2001-3500 sq ft (for the beautiful Gunderwood – check out pics in our Gallery!) -AND- The Customer Choice Award, Nova Scotia from Atlantic Home Warranty Program 😁 TRULY-SERIOUSLY-DEFINITELY the BEST recognition we could ever have hoped to receive! How lucky are we to get to do what we LOVE everyday – with the most amazing clients, industry partners and tradespeople?! ❤️ #ForeverGrateful #ThankYouAll❤️


We’re feeling HAPPY + HUMBLED, #Halifax! It’s not over yet, but so far, 2017 has been an absolutely amazing year for us at #NatureRidgeHomes!

Every year, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – NS, hosts its annual Peter Kohler (Kohltech) Peak Awards, which highlights some of the most prestigious awards in the residential construction industry. Association members who strive to set new standards of excellence in the industry are recognized for their exceptional work, as voted on by leaders and experts from across the country. We’re SO PROUD to have picked up two #PeakAwards last night – Most Outstanding New Home Under 2000 sq. ft. + Most Outstanding New Home 2001 – 3000 sq. ft.

We’re blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing trade-talents, friends and supporters who continue to help us to grow and flourish – THANK YOU, folks!


Epic [Eastern Shore] Biking Trail Adventure

It’s officially prime-time for trail season, and if you’re looking for a fantastic summer trail to bike (or hike or run) in the jaw-dropping landscape of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, we can recommend a solid full-day adventure on The Atlantic View + Salt Marsh Trails!

Close to Nature Ridge (an awesome new conserved green space community in picturesque Porters Lake), and part of the Trans Canada Trail system, the Atlantic View Trail is approximately 10 kms long and runs between West Lawrencetown Road and Causeway Road in the community of Lawrencetown on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. The Atlantic View Trail flows into The Salt Marsh Trail (approximately 9 kms long) – they are both very well maintained, fairly flat (as they were both former railways) and are constructed of crusher dust, making them a fairly easy ride – and ideal for riders of all experience levels.

The trails are coastal greenways that pass through the Lawrencetown / Cole Harbour Park system. There are various access points to the trails; however, one of the easiest places to jump on is at Lawrencetown Beach Provincial Park (the approximate half-way point of The Atlantic View Trail).

Feeling the wind in your face and breathing in the smells of the salty seashore will undoubtedly invigorate your soul – and there’s no better way to feel part of your surroundings than to take in the sights on two wheels. On your ride, you’ll experience some absolutely EPIC viewpoints and selfie-worthy backdrops including protected salt marshes + bluffs, sun-warmed beaches with sparkling waves and pristine woodland.

If being at one with nature (and getting the chance to be amazed at Nova Scotia’s rugged beauty + coastal wildlife) is your idea of a perfect enlivening adventure, trust us, you’ve got to make a point to ride these trails – great therapeutic workout guaranteed!

– The Nature Ridge Homes Team




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Tips of the Trade for a Better-Built Home

Building a home that is exceedingly comfortable – and one that consumes less energy, rather than building a home that just meets minimum building-code requirements, is super important to us at Nature Ridge Homes. Check out this short video that we put together during one of our recent builds which highlights some tips of the trade for constructing a better, energy-efficient house!

One Incredibly-Awesome Hiking Adventure. Getting Real & Getting Outside.


A beautiful journey across a rugged granite ridge landscape and through mature hardwood and spruce-hemlock forest, the Crowbar Lake Hiking Trail has no shortage of gorgeous vistas to take-in – absolutely perfect backdrops for the selfie-taking fanatic!

The trail system begins at 1800 Myra Road, Porters Lake, and is 16.5 kms of backwoods paths, which are arranged in a series of loops that allow for various routes of growing challenge – your hike can range from about an hour, to a full day (BONUS for the residents of Nature Ridge – the Crowbar Lake Trails are super-close to their doorsteps!).


Porters Lake Loop:
From the trail head at Myra Road, the trail climbs gradually through mixed forest and skirts a beautiful small lake, with boardwalk and a bench at about 400m. From here, hikers can complete the 1.6km Porters Lake Loop, which begins and ends at the lake. Views from the top of this loop reveal Porters Lake and its eastern slopes. In the spring and summer months, you’ll get a taste (literally) of the juicy wild berries that border the footpaths – and may we also suggest that you take a moment to stop and smell the roses (and many other wildflowers) along the way too! This trail is ideal for novice hikers – certainly manageable for little trekkers too!
Spriggs Brook Trail:
From the crest of Porters Lake Loop, hikers may continue west, 1.5km, to the bridge at Spriggs Brook, and another 1km to Granite Lake. The route offers views of distant Granite Lake and Stillwater sections of Spriggs Brook, and passes through older, mixed pine forest. B-U-T-FUL!
West Lake Loop:
For the more adventurous, the trail continues past Granite Lake to the West Lake Loop. The fist view of West Lake is about 450m west of Granite Lake, from the top of a large, barren hill-top. From this hill, hikers can travel about 4km around the West Lake Loop, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. This loop offers intimate views of the lake and more expansive views from high granite exposures.
Salmon River Loop:
The most ambitious route extends West Lake Loop, westward, to Salmon River and Crowbar Lake. Watch for trail junctions at the northwest and southwest ends of West Lake Loop. Traveling counter-clockwise, hikers will climb a large hill northwest of West Lake, onto a jack pine barren. The barren reveals an expansive landscape of wilderness forest and lakes, looking northwest, towards crowbar and Salmon River Long Lakes. The trail then descends to Crowbar Lake through mature forest.
At Crowbar Lake, the trail follows the scenic salmon River, downstream, and then along Otter Lake. Once past Otter Lake, the trail swings back towards West Lake, with a choice of two routes. The longer route offers additional, high viewpoints. Once back at the junction with the West Lake Loop, don’t miss the exquisite “Crows Nest” viewpoint off a granite knob right above that junction.
If you’re feeling extra adventurous, pack your tent, fishing rod, tackle, and canoe, and plan for an unrivaled, sure-to-catch-a-big-fish, overnight fishing trip at one of the many unspoiled lakes and waterways encompassed by the trail system. The north-west part of the trails (off of River Road in Lake Echo) is an easy access point to launch your canoe and begin a series of portaging…to relaxation and fish-catching bliss!
*NOTE – There are no amenities along the Crowbar Lake Trails or at the trailheads, so be sure to pack snacks and water for your journey. Cell phone reception can be spotty in locations depending on service provider. As always, be safe and prepared by packing proper attire and equipment – let someone know your trekking plan and preferably, never hike alone.
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Nature Ridge – Where You Want To Live!

Perfectly Beautiful.-3

Our new conservation design subdivision, which we call Nature Ridge, is located in central Porters Lake and has been 5 years in the planning…but now we’re ready for you and your awesome family! This pristine 215 hectare neighborhood, where 80% of the land has been preserved in its natural state, is flanked by magnificent Porters Lake and encompasses Jack Weeks Lake.

Nature Ridge features: large, beautifully treed lots (averaging approximately 2 acres in size); privacy and gorgeous vistas; paved Halifax streets; and, exceptionally constructed and personally tailored turn-key custom homes – priced from A – Z.

Our team at Nature Ridge Homes have always known that Porters Lake is one of the best kept secrets within Halifax, but now the secret is starting to get out! This amazingly special community is close to downtown Halifax, yet just far enough away to escape the hustle, bustle and noise of the city.

Porters Lake is vibrant and amenity-plentiful…a place where you can live connected to your neighbors, to nature, and, wide open space.

BUT don’t just take our word for it…read what the ‪#‎PeopleOfPortersLake‬ have to say about this hidden gem community:

Darrell & Danielle Testimonial copy

Julie Pearce Why I love PL copy

Why I love Porters Lake - Julie copy

Porters Lake Testimonial copy

If you’d like to find out more about Nature Ridge and what Nature Inspired Living is all about, contact us today (welcome@natureridgehomes.com or 902-209-1749) or visit our Award Winning Show Home at 112 Sugarwood Court, Porters Lake – we’re open Sundays between 1 & 4PM (or by appointment).

Infinite choice. One community. This is Nature Ridge.





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Grow What You Eat: Starting Seeds Indoors For Your Summer Garden


Eight Seed Starting Basics

You might think growing from seed is a practice only for advanced gardeners, but it isn’t difficult to get the basics down. Rule number one: Don’t sow too early or your plants will be leggy and overgrown long before you can transplant them into the garden.

Typically, if the seed packet recommends sowing four to six weeks before the last frost date, it’s better to pick the four- rather than the six-week date. (To calculate the sowing date, count back from your region’s last frost date)

1. Choosing seeds
Annuals and vegetables are the easiest to grow. Perennials, however, are trickier because most need a period of cold to break dormancy and take a couple of seasons to reach flowering size.

2. Containers
Propagating kits (available at garden centres or hardware stores) include four or six cell packs, a tray to hold the packs and a plastic lid. If reusing containers, wash with soap, water and a little bleach, and make sure they have drainage holes. Newly sprouted seedlings may look alike, so label containers as you sow.

3. Sowing medium
Use fresh, sterile seed-starting mixture (available from garden centres). Moisten mixture about an hour before sowing; it shouldn’t be soggy, just as damp as a wrung-out sponge.

4. Follow directions
Seed packets contain information on timing, lighting requirements, sowing depth, and optimal germination and growing temperatures.

5. Keep moisture in
Lightly water freshly sown flats, then cover with plastic dome lid, or if reusing containers, place them inside a plastic zip-lock bag. At the first signs of germination, uncover or remove from plastic bag.

6. Watering
When the top of the soil looks dry, water carefully using a small watering can with a fine spray. Avoid overwatering: soggy soil and poor air circulation can lead to damping off, a fungal disease that can kill baby plants. Prevention is best, but the fungicide No Damp can also help.

7. Light
A bright window works, but grow lights or cool fluorescent tubes are better. Keep seedlings about eight to 10 centimetres from light source to prevent plants from becoming too spindly. Plug lights into an automatic timer set for 16 hours on, eight hours off.

8. Fertilizer
When seedlings have two sets of true leaves (the first leaves are called cotyledons—or seed leaves—so wait for the true ones), start feeding once a week with a balanced (20-20-20), water-soluble fertilizer at half-strength, working up to full strength after a few weeks.

Take it outside
Plants grown indoors need hardening off before they are planted outdoors. After the last frost date, start by setting them outside in a shady, sheltered spot, initially for half a day, then gradually leaving them out all day. Progressively move them into sunnier and windier areas to acclimatize to garden conditions.

11 Vegetable Plants to Start Indoors Before Spring:



Plantings must be timed so that the clusters of small flower buds the plant produces can be harvested while the days remain cool. For best results, start the seeds indoors four to six weeks before the time to set out the seedlings – which you should calculate as two weeks before the date of the last expected frost.

Brussels Sprouts


In cold climates Brussels sprouts can be started indoors like broccoli for an early harvest and a second crop can be sown outdoors at the usual time.



Early cabbage should be sown indoors five to eight weeks before the last expected frost. You can also grow early cabbage from seedlings bought in a nursery.



For spring plantings in most areas, start cauliflower seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last expected frost. Sow the seeds in individual pots, three or four seeds to a pot. Keep the seedlings in sunny, cool spot.



In most areas cucumbers can be started indoors in individual peat pots two to three weeks before the last expected frost. Seedlings will be ready to be transplanted outdoors in three or four weeks.



Eggplant is particularly difficult to grow. The seeds must be sown indoors at least eight weeks before the plants are set out, and the seedlings require sunshine and warm moist soil. To encourage germination, soak the seeds in warm water for 24 hours before sowing.



Leeks take 130 days to mature, so the seeds should be sown indoors in most areas. Start them 10 to 12 weeks before the date of the last expected frost.

Head Lettuce


Butterhead and cos varieties of lettuce can be started indoors about six weeks before the ground can be worked. They can be sown outdoors about the same time as loose-leaf lettuce



Time to maturity for onions is considerable – three to five months from seed, although scallions can be harvested as early as two months after sowing.


Bell Pepper

Peppers can be started indoors from seeds about eight weeks before the date of the last expected frost. Sow seeds in individual pots, placing three seeds, ¼ inch deep, in each pot. Keep the containers in a warm location-about 75 degrees



Seeds should be sown indoors about eight weeks before the date of the last expected frost in your area. Sow them 1/8 deep in flats or pots, and when the seedlings are about 1 inch tall, transplant them to individual 3 or 4 inch pots.

Winter Beach Day Anyone?

Did you know that Martinique Beach Provincial Park is the longest sandy beach in Nova Scotia? (A captivating 5-km crescent shape, white-sand beach). The beach is situated in East Petpeswick, 11 km south of Musquodoboit Harbour in the Eastern Shore region. (From Halifax take either Highway 107 or 207 to Musquodoboit Harbour and turn right onto East Petpeswick Road.)

Martinique is only supervised during the months of July and August however the park is accessible throughout the year and is a popular spot for winter surfers, walkers, joggers and beachcombers. If you make a point to visit Martinique Beach (and, we highly recommend that you do), keep in mind that it is a protected area for the Piping Plover, as well as a wildlife refuge for migratory waterfowl. Piping Plovers nest in the sand dunes and breeding can begin as early as April, so, stick to the designated walking paths only please!
On your way to the beach, do your taste buds a BIG favor and stop in for coffee and scrumptious treats at Dobbit’s Bakehouse (7896 Hwy 7, Muquodoboit), or, a delicious homemade lunch at either  Tin Roof Cafe (6321 Hwy 7, Head Chezzetcook) or Uprooted Market & Cafe (7992 Hwy 7, Musquodoboit)…trust us, you will not be disappointed with any of these spots; in fact, we suspect that you’ll probably end up returning over-and-over again for their addictive mouthwatering food!

BE WARNED…the beauty of the Eastern Shore is very alluring and may just make you realize that you’re unhappy where you’re currently living, which, may result in the sale of your home and your relocation to Nature Ridge (our new green-space subdivision in Porters Lake)…a not too far drive from Martinique Beach!

For you naysayers who believe that you can’t enjoy a day at the beach in the wintertime, check out these GORGEOUS photos of Martinique Beach (credit to Val Ritcey Young)…bets are, you’ll think twice about it now! Get real. Get outside!

12473639_10154693752310190_538291470925105953_o 12525441_10154693753925190_7095443209247066133_o 12605360_10154693754330190_7880608326192178132_o 12628403_10154693750105190_8435970777376145774_o 12628588_10154693749980190_4767871664582366820_o 12633628_10154693749855190_2639683380016255256_o 12640258_10154693761735190_2133749899268553461_o 12646610_10154693762435190_1169154210619195704_o





We’re Having a Luncheon at our Show Home – Come Get to Know Us!

You’re invited!

Diane Tuplin of Royal LePage Atlantic will be hosting a luncheon at our award winning Show Home on Thursday January 14th 2016 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Stop by for some sandwiches and sweets and learn more about Nature Ridge, a new green space design subdivision in Porters Lake!

There will be great door prizes provided by RBC Royal Bank, Nature Ridge Homes and Diane Tuplin!

Nature Ridge Luncheon Invite Web Version