Winter Beach Day Anyone?

Did you know that Martinique Beach Provincial Park is the longest sandy beach in Nova Scotia? (A captivating 5-km crescent shape, white-sand beach). The beach is situated in East Petpeswick, 11 km south of Musquodoboit Harbour in the Eastern Shore region. (From Halifax take either Highway 107 or 207 to Musquodoboit Harbour and turn right onto East Petpeswick Road.)

Martinique is only supervised during the months of July and August however the park is accessible throughout the year and is a popular spot for winter surfers, walkers, joggers and beachcombers. If you make a point to visit Martinique Beach (and, we highly recommend that you do), keep in mind that it is a protected area for the Piping Plover, as well as a wildlife refuge for migratory waterfowl. Piping Plovers nest in the sand dunes and breeding can begin as early as April, so, stick to the designated walking paths only please!
On your way to the beach, do your taste buds a BIG favor and stop in for coffee and scrumptious treats at Dobbit’s Bakehouse (7896 Hwy 7, Muquodoboit), or, a delicious homemade lunch at either  Tin Roof Cafe (6321 Hwy 7, Head Chezzetcook) or Uprooted Market & Cafe (7992 Hwy 7, Musquodoboit)…trust us, you will not be disappointed with any of these spots; in fact, we suspect that you’ll probably end up returning over-and-over again for their addictive mouthwatering food!

BE WARNED…the beauty of the Eastern Shore is very alluring and may just make you realize that you’re unhappy where you’re currently living, which, may result in the sale of your home and your relocation to Nature Ridge (our new green-space subdivision in Porters Lake)…a not too far drive from Martinique Beach!

For you naysayers who believe that you can’t enjoy a day at the beach in the wintertime, check out these GORGEOUS photos of Martinique Beach (credit to Val Ritcey Young)…bets are, you’ll think twice about it now! Get real. Get outside!

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