The Benefits of Relaxing in Nature

It’s natural human instinct to pine for the outdoors, and it’s due to a primal instinct that is still ingrained in our psyche to yearn for the relief of the open.  But it comes down to more than just instinct, there are physical benefits to leaving the city lights and breathing fresh, clean air.

Research is increasingly illuminating the rich and measurable benefits of being in nature – and the beauty of it is that nature has no set formula: some of us like to fish, hunt, hike, kayak, jog or simply take pictures of the perfect sunset.

Being close to nature may make us feel better emotionally: we all know how we feel when we do our favorite outdoor activity, exhilarated, calm, relaxed, fortified, and restored. Being close to nature may make us feel better physically: time spent in nature is associated with a decrease in blood pressure, sympathetic nerve activity, and heart rate. Being close to nature may also make us feel better mentally: being outdoors replenishes voluntary attention and enhances brain connectivity for more efficient focus.

We are proud to say that Nature Ridge is a model of sustainable community development where 80% of the land is protected from ecological degradation and has been designated green space – natural and untouched. Visit our new Show Home at 112 Sugarwood Court, Porters Lake and experience for yourself how amazing life can be!