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Questions to Ask a Builder

When you buy a new home you want to get full value for your investment. This means choosing an established and reputable builder—someone you can trust, someone who has the technical skills, a proven track record and a professional business approach. Fortunately, there are many good builders around, and with a little effort you will […]

Keeping Warm for Less

If you feel a shiver each time you open your utility bill, your house may be too cold. More likely, however, you’re paying more than you should to heat it. In either case, you can make changes now that will make your home more comfortable and save you money. These aren’t big projects like adding […]


Porters Lake Community Services Association (PLCSA) community tree lighting and light exchange to take place Sunday December 1st from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at 4693 Hwy #7, Porters Lake. For more details refer to