Benefits of Energy Efficiency

At Nature Ridge Homes, we strive to always design and build our homes to a high energy efficient standard – all of our homes are EnerGuide or Energy Star rated. An energy efficient home effectively controls the flow of air, heat and moisture through the home – they also cost less to operate and produce fewer greenhouse gasses, which is good for you and the environment.

Some of the benefits of energy efficient homes include:

  • Improve indoor comfort – An energy efficiency home controls the flow of air, heat and moisture. Insulation, Energy Star-rated windows, and air sealing work to keep the air inside the home warm and dry. Mechanical ventilation systems (fans, heat recovery ventilators and air exchangers on heating systems) circulate the internal air as well as expel unwanted moisture and other pollutants. Properly sized, high-efficiency heating systems use less energy to heat homes and, by controlling the air flow throughout the home, minimize the occurrences of hot and cold spots across all rooms.
  • Save money on energy bills – Simple – reduced energy consumption equals lower utility bills.
  • Breathe healthy, fresh, clean air – Controlling the airflow with mechanical ventilation helps confirm that the air in the building is being refreshed with outside air as often as required by building codes. For example, the air in a home should be completely replaced with fresh air every three hours. Fresh air takes less energy to heat than the inside air that slowly becomes contaminated with moisture and odors. An energy efficient and well-ventilated home is a healthy home.
  • Reduce moisture issues (mold, leaks, condensation) – On average, 10 to 50 litres of moisture are released inside a house each day – excess moisture can cause condensation and fogging on windows, staining on walls, mold or mildew growth and odors in your home, among other problems. Humidity levels over 40% can create air quality problems. Finding the balance between minimizing air leaks and ensuring appropriate ventilation is critical – a new energy efficient and properly ventilated home can help to mitigate the problems caused by excess moisture.
  • Increase building resale value – Energy efficient homes typically have longer lifecycles, lower maintenance fees, and cost less to operate  – these benefits can help set your home apart from others and make it more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions – Energy efficient homes can reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses the house produces by up to 4.5 tons per year. Lowering the total amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere is an important step to reducing the impacts of climate change, both locally and globally.

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